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The main idea of this partnership is to establish, on a European scale, strong and sustainable links between trainees and professional workers of Educational systems and/or Industry, in order to improve the technological and vocational curricula in the field of renewable energies.
The project aims to reinforce the quality and the efficiency of VET in this field and to lead to the acknowledgment of competencies by companies.
It could facilitate, in the future, the integration of our trainees into the professional life and make them discover other cultures.
It could also bring new common opportunities to educational or industrial partners in our region.

The current partners want to develop together “European training modules” on renewable energies, which could be chosen by European trainees.

These modules could complete their national training and they could allow the trainees to compare different learning practices used in European countries. These modules should have the same frame, should last the same time (3 weeks) but would be each about a different renewable energy.

Each of them should offer :

  • to experiment a foreign language,

  • to discover other European cultures,

  • to have vocational activities and to work on a small technological project linked to the module’s topic and to a local company,

  • to meet and know some local firms or units linked to the module’s topic,

  • to be evaluated on the module’s topic.

These activities will contribute to improve international cooperation and to promote technical know-hows.
This partnership must point out interdisciplinarity, new ICT and must lead to sustainable mobilities of our trainees.

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